Did you know that cybersecurity awareness training is the leading solution to stop phishing?

Curated Security Awareness Training to provide enterprise-level training to Small Businesses.


Introducing HacWare Learning Management System

Designed to provide Top Notch Security Awareness Training

Micro Training Courses

HacWare will educate your users about cybersecurity with courses that are 3 minutes or less.

Interactive Quizzes

Your users will receive interactive emails that will assess your user skill level about various cybersecurity topics.


HacWare will create a curated newsletters with information that pertains your users' course work.

Automatic Reminders

This feature improves your completion rates because your team will no longer have to remind the user to complete their training. HacWare automatically does this for you.

Easy to Setup

This platform takes 10 minutes to install.  We made creating your courses simple and enrollment is easy.

Training Escalations

HacWare deploys each video with an escalation policy. This is essential to the success a security awareness program because it shows the users that your leadership is involved in the training process.

Featured Courses

HacWare training courses covers a wide range of cybersecurity topics includes quizzes and personalized newsletters!


This course explains what is phishing and how to identify phishing attacks.
Duration: 60 seconds

Payment Fraud

This course explains the types of payment fraud and best practices for avoiding payment fraud scams.
Duration: 3 minutes.

Secure Coding

This course explains what is secure coding and helps your users with a development role to understand the best practices for secure application development.
Duration: 2 minutes

Using HacWare unlocks Compliance

By using HacWare, your company is automatically in compliance with the following standards.

NIST 800-53

800-53 - Your company must provide content for security awareness training.

PCI DSS 12.6

12.6 requires a formal security awareness training to educate personnel about the importance of cardholder data security.

CIS Control 17

Control 17 requires implementing a security awareness and training program.

Protect your company with HacWare

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